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Comic Whispers

exquisite corpse porn

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This is the community for the collaborative Comic Whispers project, originally moderated and run by maga_dogg. isquiesque and westernactor have also held the reins.

The basic idea is much like the Cheddar Gorge or Three-Word Story games; a list of collaborators are assembled, and the first person in the chain draws a comic panel, then passes it on to the next person, who draws a panel to continue the story. The trick is that each person only gets to see the panel before them, and has no idea of the story as a whole. Various experiments with the basic format are being played with, however.

Membership is open, and anybody can participate regardless of artistic ability. Vigorous and macabre imaginations are a definite advantage, however.

So far there have been five completed projects.
Comic Whispers I: Destination Peru
Comic Whispers II: Zigmond Nebula, Space Psychiatrist
Comic Whispers III: Jimmy Olsen's Pal Bob Dylan vs. The Flash (reverse direction)
Comic Whispers IV: The Carpet of Anaxagoras (CYOA-style)
Comic Whispers V: The Treasure of Parrot Blackpants (spoked wheel, captions added afterwards)

Current status: maga_dogg is running CW6, which is underway. Entry will remain open until New Year.