Sam Kabo Ashwell (maga_dogg) wrote in comicwhispers,
Sam Kabo Ashwell

Comic Whispers VI signup

CWVI, as the more gifted among you may have gathered from the title, is now open for signups. The setup will look like this:

It will be a fully linear comic this time. Everybody will know the title: A Critique of Pure Soapsuds. Each contributor will only produce one panel. Sorry, kids, but we need to go oldskool once in a while.

Each contributor will see the two panels preceding theirs. The first of these will have text; the second will be textless, as in CWV. They add text to the second panel, and produce a panel without any text.

Size restrictions: the panel must be 500 pixels wide, and can be any height up to 500 pixels.

Everyone will get to see the final panel and submit ideas for what the text should be; then we can have a poll to work out whose text gets added.

There will be a three-day time limit to complete your panel, from when I send it. I'll obviously stretch this a bit for things like Christmas and New Year, but otherwise if you get your panel and think you won't have time to do it, tell me. CWVI will commence on December 15, and signups will close on... oh, let's say New Year's. I'm in an accomodating mood.

Sign below to join. Then go and rope in every unsuspecting person you can lay your hands on, irrespective of talent.
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