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CW6 thoughts

CW5 is complete; thanks to the labours of westernactor and a vast host of wonderful people. Consensus seems to be that people would be happy for a CW6; I have scads of free time at present, and could probably take over again without too much trouble.

  • People would generally like to see a system that produces somewhat more coherent results.
  • The biggest generator of incoherent results seems to be interstitial or connecting panels, where the contributor has to reconcile two unrelated panels.
  • People are often happy to do multiple panels, but in practise this can slow things down and tire people out. This time around I'd like to avoid a system which demands a certain number of participants, or which needs to replace people dropping out.

At present, therefore, I'm inclined to return (more or less) to our roots: a fully linear system, beginning at the beginning. I really liked the caption-competition element in CW5, but it did break up what little plot we had. Thus, what I'm provisionally thinking for 6 is a bit like this:

  • Each contributor will see the two panels ahead of his own.
  • Pretty generous with image size. We seem to get more fun results with big images. However, images should be fixed-width and within a reasonable height range, so that several images can be displayed nicely per page.
  • Maybe another caption competition, which would hopefully be compensated for a bit by the two-panel view. After all, contributors would get to see one panel with text.
  • I'm not sure about whether we should have a policy on entries divided up into multiple panels. Previously we've sort of given the impression that we don't approve of them, but haven't forbidden them outright. nothings has reservations about this, some of which I share; I'd appreciate more input and discussion on this. It sort of seems more suitable to CW5 and other complicated-structure setups than to straight linear.
  • The title will be A Critique of Pure Soapsuds, chosen arbitrarily by baf, because he was first to suggest the title and I approve of it. Totally egalitarian.

Further thoughts? Shout out.
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