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Comic Whispers 5: Caption Competition Wheel!

After tabulating the votes and taking everyone's preferences and availability into consideration, I'm happy to announce that the format for Comic Whispers 5 will be a Caption Competition Wheel!

For those of you who are just joining us, this means that the first panel of the comic will be vaguely Choose Your Own Adventure-ish, offering a number of possible options. After you pick one of these options, you embark on a unique story path--but only for a while! After a handful of panels, you rejoin the same story as everyone else. Combining everyone's favorite (?) traits from Comic Whispers 4 with the more linear aspects of Comic Whispers 1 and 2, Comic Whispers 5 will offer something for just about everyone! Or something. The twist, however, is that no one will provide the text and/or dialogue for their own panel. Everyone will receive only the art for the panel before his or hers, and must provide the text and dialogue for that panel, as well as the art (minus the text and dialogue) that will then be passed on to the next person in the series. (The exception, of course, is the first panel, as it won't really be possible for six to eight people to all provide text and dialogue for it.) In any case, wackiness will, almost certainly ensue.

(For the record, I'm considering diverging slightly from what we discussed and offer one ending panel, which will probably mean the wheel won't be a completely perfect one. What can I say? I like a little bit of closure. If this bothers you, let me know--this isn't set in stone yet, obviously.)

So, anyway, I want to start sending out the assignments beginning in the next few days, so this is really the best time to commit to the project if you haven't already done so. According to this post and other people I've talked to, here are the people who have already agreed to be part of the Comic Whispers 5 undertaking:
  1. maga_dogg
  2. markm
  3. aussie_nyc
  4. olethrosdc
  5. orenr
  6. jotasbrane
  7. zrblm
  8. isquiesque
  9. joenotcharles
  10. nothings
  11. baf
  12. jearl
  13. inkylj
  14. mad_and_crazy
  15. ooshiny
  16. avatarist
  17. jackbishop
  18. mikedelight
  19. jessknoch
  20. norinel
  21. mighty_muggette

If your name isn't here and you would like it to be, please either respond with a comment or e-mail me at westernactor@gmail.com. If your name is here, and you're still up for it, great! You don't need to do anything, but if you want to back out for whatever reason, now's the time. Whether your name is here or not, I'll need your preferred e-mail address (if I don't already know it or can't locate it through LiveJournal), and I'll need to know how many panels you're willing to draw, if you haven't already told me. (Please let me know this ASAP--it's crucial to designing the map from which Comic Whispers 5 will have to be run.) Also, if you're absolutely unwilling to resolve any bottlenecks (which will be required--on a very limited basis--to form the wheel shape), let me know that, too--you'll never have to resolve more than a two-way bottleneck, though, I promise. Finally, if there's anything else I should know--such as whether you'd prefer to go near the beginning or the end because of scheduling reasons--tell me that, too. I want to try to make this as painless for everyone.

Last, and most certainly not least, if there's anyone else you think might be interested, or if you'd like to mention this on another journal or community or something, be my guest! The more the merrier. But hopefully we can get this kicked off this week, one way or another, and the sooner I hear from all the participants, the better.

Thanks again, and I'll see you all in Comic Whispers land soon...

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