Sam Kabo Ashwell (maga_dogg) wrote in comicwhispers,
Sam Kabo Ashwell

Comic Whispers IV is officially finished.

The Carpet of Anaxagoras
(if you need help with navigating, the map is here. The shiny imagemapped version is here, courtesy of jearl.)

Thanks to everybody who took part, particularly those wonderful people who jumped in to cover for panels that didn't get done. Massive thanks also to isquiesque for shouldering the project; it was certainly the most complicated CW in terms of organisation, but I think the work's paid off.

In a bit, westernactor will (I believe) come to a decision on what form CW5 will be taking, and start taking signups.

At present, the front page of CWIV is just the first panel. Given the time and effort that's been put into the project by people, I'd quite like the finished product to be a bit more polished than previous incarnations of Comic Whispers; I reckon it could do with a proper title page.

It has not gone unnoticed that the original CYOA covers were, well, on crack. It's not surprising: these were cheaply and quickly-produced kid's books, which by their nature had sprawling plots difficult to summarise with a single image. Worse, most of the books featured the conceit that the lead character actually was the reader, or at the very least someone of a similar age and background to them, so that had to be worked in somehow. Hence, surreal montages full of clean-cut kids with their shirts tucked into their jeans.

In any case, once CWIV finishes we'd like to give it a similar cover-page; a montage intended to sum up precisely what The Carpet of Anaxagoras is all about. You can butcher the game's panels to create a cut-and-paste monstrosity, or draw/photoshop/paint/engrave your own image. I have trust in your abilities, or at least in your enthusiasm.

This image should include the title: COMIC WHISPERS IV: THE CARPET OF ANAXAGORAS by a CAST OF THOUSANDS, or something to that effect.

You can submit a title page whether or not you took part in CWIV itself. The deadline for submissions is July 4, and all submissions should be reasonably sized - around 500 x 350, though this won't be strictly enforced.

Once we reach the deadline, I'll post all the entries and probably a poll so that people can vote for which one should be made the title-page. Alternatively, if I can work out how to do it, we might knock up a simple script to display a random title page - this might be more in line with the ameritocratic, everybody-gets-to-play foundations of Comic Whispers.
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